Partnership extended with SAHMRI for third year as Diamond Corporate Champion 

We are delighted to announce that we have extended our partnership with SAHMRI. We continue our shared mission to deliver better health outcomes for our communities through research an innovation in the search for a novel cancer treatment.

We are very proud of the work SAHMRI has done surrounding two critical areas – cancer and heart health. We are honoured to continue our partnership, supporting them for the third year as Diamond Corporate Champion.

The Greaton International Ph.D. Scholarship will directly support Dr. Hiroki Kobayashi, who is targeting the liver to prevent metastasis in people battling colorectal cancer.

“The liver is the site of almost all gastrointestinal cancer metastasis, so it’s a logical target to improve outcomes, but this has never been done before.”

Dr. Kobayashi is a qualified pathologist from Nagoya, Japan. He’s spent the past three years in Adelaide studying for his Ph.D. through the University of Adelaide and Nagoya University. Greaton’s support enables Dr. Kobayashi to remain in Adelaide to complete his Ph.D.

“This scholarship means so much to me, giving me the security to continue my work,” he said.

With heart disease a leading cause of death in Australians, finding new and better ways to diagnose and treat it is paramount.

We are passionate about improving health outcomes in this area. Our contribution will enable researchers to undertake projects and follow pathways of enquiry in the hope to find a cure for patients living with chronic disease.

“We hope we can play a small part in creating a future where no one needs to lose a friend, partner, sibling, parent, or child to this dreadful disease,” Our Managing Director, Nicho Teng said.

We always have the community in mind and we pride ourselves on establishing firm roots in the communities in which we operate and help to build.

Our business is founded on a philosophy of research and innovation which is in perfect alignment with SAHMRI.

We truly believe in SAHMRI’s vision of conducting inspired research that will lead to improved health outcomes for the community and we encourage more corporate organisations to support medical institutions like SAHMRI.




Image: Greaton Commercial Manager, Wendy Liang, and scholarship recipient, Dr Hiroki Kobayashi, in the lab.


For more information visit the SAHMRI website.