About Us


Established in 2011, Greaton exists to raise the bar and set new benchmarks in development excellence. We go beyond creating buildings – we create environments that facilitate meaningful connections and desirable lifestyles; bringing to life landmarks that excite and inspire residents, visitors and investors alike. Our innate drive and persistent pursuit of perfection has led us to emerge as industry-leaders who create iconic, smart, functional and eco-friendly destinations that stand out within the Australian property landscape. 

A uniquely holistic approach

At Greaton, we take on a distinctive approach to all our projects. This means, we carefully consider all stakeholders involved – from residents and guests to neighbouring locals and communities, investors to financiers, collaborative partners to contractors – our method allows for the creation of places that excite and inspire while enhancing our process of delivering iconic, functional buildings that leave a lasting impression.




The foundation for all our projects begin with comprehensive and considered research which enables us to best understand how to craft developments that improve and strengthen local communities through a lasting cultural,
environmental, lifestyle and business impact.



As industry-leaders, we place great importance on considered designs with longterm sustainability. This is at the forefront of our thinking and our designs are ethically-driven with a focus on delivering environmentally-conscious developments. We pride ourselves in working with partners and stakeholders to achieve ongoing reductions of our ecological footprint.



Our team at Greaton are made up of creative, forward-thinking individuals who embrace the latest innovation and design thinking within the industry. We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement that welcomes original thinking and ideation because we know great ideas spark exceptional results.



The needs and desires of our stakeholders are paramount to us at Greaton. It’s why we strive for transparency and clear lines of communication throughout the development journey and have implemented processes to ensure we capture the requirements of our customers throughout each phase and deliver results that go beyond the remarkable.


The Greaton difference lies in our strong set of values that guide our thinking, actions and behaviours. They serve as a solid foundation and a commitment for us to always meet our goal of crafting extraordinary places that bring people together.


We join forces with exceptional teams of
architects, designers and construction experts
who are driven by the same goal to create healthy
communities which enable people to foster
meaningful connections with their surroundings.
We have great respect for the unique expertise
each person brings because we know collaborative
thinking creates exceptional outcomes.


Every decision we make is grounded in intimate
knowledge of the local landscape and geography;
an appreciation and understanding of the
community as well as the importance of a robust
local economy. We place great value in
knowledge and intelligent insights and this
guides every decision we make.


We are an enthusiastic and committed team with
years of experience yet have a continuous willingness
to grow, learn and embrace new ideas. Our strong
record of success is evidence of our dedicated team
who are driven by innovation and have a passion for
creating iconic developments that foster meaningful
connections while complimenting the natural


Delivering on time and as promised is critical to the team at
Greaton and we’re proud to have maintained a solid track record
of doing so. We understand that the process of development can
be long but we’re here to ensure that a mutual understanding is
achieved and what is promised will be delivered to an exceptional
standard and according to set timelines.


“Our values underpin
everything we do and it’s what
makes the difference between
good and Greaton.”

Bei Chu

Founder, Owner & Director

Nicho Teng

Managing Director

Alex Xiong

Company Advisor

Irene Chong

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Jones

Development Director




People are our prized assets and we place them at the heart of everything we do – from employees to customers and stakeholders. This enriches our perspective and helps us align with the authentic needs and desires of local communities.



We pride ourselves in fostering strong, trusting and collaborative relationships with customers and stakeholder. This has formed the foundation of our success and is reflected in the level of expertise and craftsmanship of our iconic developments.



Our focus is on constructing high-quality, healthy and sustainable buildings that stand out through the efficient use of resources and a careful consideration of the surrounding environment and community impact. Each new development is approached with a unique vision and our drive for innovation to continuously improve and positively influence the outcome – from design to architecture, construction to fit-out.



We believe in responsible development design and construction that makes financial, aesthetic and most importantly, ecological sense. To do this, we lead by
example and protect the planet we live in by ensuring we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

“Four pillars of
sustainability, one great
goal: to deliver high-quality
lifestyle experiences that
foster social richness.”